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Dining Infinity Blue Phuket

With a sleek, modern kitchen and a barbecue, Infinity Blue is well equipped for self-catering. Continental breakfasts are included and prepared by the housekeeper daily. Meals can also be ordered for delivery from some of the excellent local restaurants in the area. 

The menu offers a delicious variety of Thai dishes, which could be tailored if guests require a vegetarian version or prefer to turn down the heat on the spicy selections. Discover the lively flavours of tom yum prawn soup, the warm comfort of a massaman chicken curry, the surprising taste contrasts of a yum sum-o (spicy pomelo salad), and more. Most of the menu has Thai food, but Asian and Western selections are also available, as well as a choice of wine, beer and other drinks.

Infinity Blue Phuket - Dining with view

In addition, provisions are charged at market price plus a 20% handling fee and a government tax, with a minimum shopping fee of THB 750.  The villa staff will keep all the receipts from their shopping for reference at the end of stay.

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